Our frequently asked questions
How do you differ from competitors?

At trukl, we don’t just take your companies’ orders in easily, we follow the journey afterwards and proactively monitor any “potential” issues. Plus, we make invoicing easier, give information into true delivery COS and help to reduce surcharges/overcharges. Our customers have seen reduced complaints and employee time savings when using trukl services.

How much does it cost?

This depends on a number of factors. Get in touch with the team or get an online quote bespoke to your business.

Does it take long to set up an account?

Your free trial can get started right away and then we typically need 1 – 5 business days for everything else.

Can you help a business based out of the UK?

As much as we would love to, unfortunately we can only help companies based in the UK. However, we can certainly help you with overseas shipping if required!

Do you ship UK to USA and Europe?

Yes, we ship globally and help to avoid any hidden surcharges. 

What is the maximum size/weight parcel you can ship?

This all depends which of our partnered couriers you use. On average, we can ship any parcel up to 30kg with a formula (length x width x height measured in centimetres) that does not exceed 250,000 cm3. Please get in touch to find out more.

I don’t send a lot of parcels - can I still benefit from your service?

Of course! We are set up to help small companies grow and thrive.  We have no minimum volume requirements AND you can take advantage of our discounted rates.

How can you save me time?

We provide an easy dashboard that offers real-time tracking information and advance issue resolution, so you will be alerted straight away if you have any problems with a customer’s shipment. Our dashboard also allows you to print all your labels in one go; saving you so much time printing labels individually, as well as an easy tracking feature.  We have got loads of more time and money saving benefits

How can you save me money?

We have multiple partnerships with different courier companies, therefore we can always give you the cheapest/best option for your parcel deliveries saving your business money.

I’m annoyed with confusing bills and overcharges. Can you help?

Absolutely – by monitoring and challenging one of our customers invoices, making claims on their behalf and reducing their overall bills, we  managed to save them 7% of their total delivery revenue! We make invoicing easy to read and understand. And easier to find when your accountant asks for them!

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